SSME Task 2

In Senior Secondary Music Education, we have been focusing on Stage 6 (Year 11 and 12). For task 2, we have to design a unit of work on the Music 2 Mandatory Topic (Music of the last 25 years [Australian focus]), and create all required resources. I have just started the planning stage of this … More SSME Task 2


There was a time a couple of days ago when Hannah and I didn’t think we would finish this task. But we proved ourselves wrong and finished it earlier today! I AM SO HAPPY WITH IT! We finished all the recording on Thursday, finished off the vocals and recorded all the trumpet parts, and also … More TME IS DONE!

TME Negociated task

Hello again! So for my last assignment for Technology in Music Education, I have to create a self negotiated creative digital project. I have chosen to work with my friend, Hannah Alexander, for this task. We had been a bit hesitant about our original idea for a while, and on Tuesday we finally decided on … More TME Negociated task

CME 3 Task Finished!

As of Wednesday, I have officially finished writing and recording my piece, ‘Ode to Skye’, for Composition in Music Education. My piece was inspired by two songs; the Scottish folk song ‘Skye Boat Song’ and ‘An Orkney Wedding’ by Peter Maxwell Davis. I used the chord progression from ‘Skye Boat Song’ and wrote two new … More CME 3 Task Finished!